Guided Tours

Guided Tours in Muskoka

Lake and River Cruises

Muskoka Steamships & Discovery Center cruise Lake Muskoka from Gravenhurst boat musseum on two historic steamships, RMS Segwun and RMS Wenonah II.  In Bracebridge, the 300-passenger Lady Muskoka offers cruises down the Muskoka River and around Lake Muskoka.  Sunset Cruises operates the M.V. Idyllwood and the Peerless II starting from Port Carling locks.  From Parry Sound, Georgian Bay cruises are available at Island Queen Cruise.


Aerial Tours

Located at the Muskoka Airport, Heli Muskoka offers a wide variety of Helicopter sightseeing and aerial photography tours.  Georgian Bay Airways fly's from the docks in downtown Parrysound and offer charters, flight training, sightseeing and day trips.

Muksoka lake sunset in gravenhurst bay

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