This is a letter about the service I received from Susan Link Remax realtor.

I am a first time home buyer and looking all over Ontario. I did meet with Realtors but none was so willing to help me out the way Susan did. She was always nice and respectful. She answered emails within a timely manner. Even at 11:30 PM she was still emailing me which was good because I work nights. And with all about 110 emails total we sent back and forth, most of them being mine asking a lot of questions, she always answered all of them and never did I feel that she was annoyed with my constant emails. This is by far one of the best realtors you will find. She will not stop for you as she never stopped helping me; even after the house was sold and done she helped me with questions I may have forgotten to ask. (Like who is the internet and phone provider for this area) Another thing about Susan I liked was that she did everything to get an answer to my questions. Even at one point she went to the township and got old original records to show me.

None of this has been embellished as you might think this is unreal, but wait till you ask her to find a place for you and you will wunderstand.

Thank you for finding my Dream House Susan.


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